Next generation
coatings powered
by nanotechnology

We design ready-to-use solutions from the nanoscale up.
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Vertically Integrated

Our coatings innovations are born with a target application in mind and hyperoptimized for maximum performance and function throughout their iterative development cycle.
Our Innovations
Bleeding edge nanoscience.

Solutions powered by state-of-the-art materials & processes in nanocoating technology.
Solution oriented innovation.

Innovations built on fundamental scientific breakthroughs to deliver leading function & performance.
Protecting what matters.

Engineered from the nanoscale up to protect our troops and critical safety systems in our cars.
What We Do

Bringing innovation to industry.

Protecting the safety systems that keep us safe.

The automotive industry is being transformed by advancements in sensor technology. We are building solutions to protect those sensors and keep drivers safe on the road.
Automotive Solutions

Next-generation camouflage solutions for the military.

Advanced detection technologies are eroding the element of surprise. We are developing next-generation camouflage materials to keep our troops safe.
Defence Solutions

Join our mission.

We are solving complex technical problems with enormous commercial potential. 

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