Protecting our troops with next-generation camouflage.

Powered by our Crypsis Class nanocomposite coatings.

Multi-spectral detection platforms are eroding the element of surprise and first strike advantage.

Multi-spectral Detection Platforms

Long-wave IR (LWIR) and mid-wave IR (MWIR) spectrums are particularly a focus of technological development for well-resourced adversaries seeking to advance their detection capabilities.

Assembling multi-spectral detection platforms has also never been easier. With open-source detection algorithms, readily available wireless infrared sensors, and commercial off-the-shelf drones, any individual or organization can convert a civilian drone into a multi-spectral detection platform.
Our Defence Products

Multi-spectral Camouflage

Crypsis Class Nanocomposite Coatings

Protecting what matters most.

Next-generation Multi-spectral Camouflage
Next-generation coatings platform with truly industrial potential. Powered by advanced nanoparticle technologies. Adaptable to most fabrics and rigid substrates.
Highly Tunable.

Crypsis Class coatings can be tuned to conceal in any operational environment.
Highly Versatile.
Crypsis Class coatings can be customized to coat on any fabric or rigid substrate.
Truly Multi-Spectal.
Crypsis Class coatings conceal across the visual, NIR, MWIR, and LWIR spectrums.
Additional Defence Solutions

Solutions to protect glazings in aerial and land vehicles.

Land Vehicles

Leverage ExoShield ULTRA to protect glazings from stone chips that compromise their ballistic integrity and protect troops in vehicles from glass fragments.

Aerial Vehicles

Leverage ExoShield GT3 to protect helicopter glazings from debris damage due to ground effect airflow and minimize maintenance costs.

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