Protecting critical sensor systems in vehicles.

Solutions powered by our Endurance Class nanoceramic coating.

Automotive safety is increasingly reliant on sensors.

Optical sensors
mounted on the windshield power features like lane-keep-assist and pedestrian collision avoidance.
Radar sensors
power features like adaptive cruise control, front end collision avoidance, and blind spot detection.
Sonar sensors
power features like parking assistance, proximity detection, and self-parking technologies.

Any sensor failure is a safety risk.

Our innovations are already powering solutions like ExoShield that protect the windshield and the optical sensors behind it. ExoShield is helping vehicle owners save thousands of dollars in replacement costs and insurance companies reduce claim severity & frequency.

We are also developing solutions to ensure clear line of sight for all sensors and optimal function in all climates & conditions.
Our Automotive Products

Premium Windshield Protection

ExoShield GT3

World's most durable windshield protection film for any passenger vehicle.
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ExoShield ULTRA

Heavy-duty windshield protection for off-roading and industrial vehicles.
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ExoShield ONE

Rapid installation variant of our GT3 film for ExoShield installers and dealers.
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ExoShield Windshield Protection Film

Windshield protection for every driver.

The Next Generation of Windshield Protection
Longer lasting, more durable, and completely invisible. Powered by our Endurance Class nanoceramic coatings technology, ExoShield is built to endure the elements.
6x Impact Resistance.

ExoShield GT3 reduces the probability of a stone chip by six times at highway speeds.
Industry Leading Warranty.

All ExoShield purchases come with our best-in-class 2 years / unlimited mileage warranty.
Unrivaled Scratch Resistance.

ExoShield is the longest lasting and most durable windshield protection available.
I took a rock last week that scared the heck out of me and without a question it would have cracked prior to the ExoShield installation.
Jeep Wrangler JL Owner
Future Automotive Products

Solutions to enable sensor function in all environmental conditions.

Frost Prevention

We are advancing our Nova Class coating to deliver passive anti-frost benefits to vehicle owners in cold climates.

Sensor Blindness

We are advancing our Endurance Class coating to deliver clear line of sight for all sensors in all climates & conditions.

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