Who We Are

Building the future with nanotechnology.

At Alchemy, our mission is to help our customers access solutions enabled by cutting-edge nanotechnology and putting their needs first, no matter what.


Alchemy was founded in 2013 by Nanotechnology Engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo. We started our journey with an intent to commercialize an innovation in sprayable anti-frost coatings and through a combination of iterative development, market research, and focused efforts, have expanded our technological infrastructure to include our current innovations.
Our Vision

Our goal is to establish Alchemy as a powerhouse for high-value solutions enabled by vertically integrated nanotechnology.

At Alchemy, every innovation is born with a target application in mind. We focus on massive problems that require a fundamental upstream innovation in nanotechnology and get to work on building a ready-to-use solution.

We believe commercializing end products over components is the key to building the powerhouse we're aiming for.
2022 Growth Rate
We are a growth stage business focused on delivering sustainable top-line growth for our shareholders.
Our ExoShield product line is sold worldwide directly by Alchemy and through licensed distributors.